About Dajaco

  • Dajaco Industries, Inc., founded in 1976, we are a family-owned and operated business. We manufacturer world-class quality metal stampings and assemblies produced on presses ranging up to 600 tons. Our primary products include metal clips, clamps, brackets, retainers, washers, baffles and sealing plugs.
  • Dajaco is a full-service provider. We design, build and run production tooling in-house. Dajaco’s success is a result of our competitive pricing, quick completion of production tooling, on-time delivery, top-notch service and commitment to providing a high-quality product.
  • Dajaco’s automotive customers include major automobile and truck manufacturers and tier suppliers. Our team’s experience and expertise allows us to continue our growth and support our worldwide customer base.
  • Dajaco recognizes that corporate goals can only be achieved by attracting, retaining and cultivating talented people. It is Dajaco’s policy to hire the best-qualified people and to manage and motivate them to provide the products and services our customers expect.
  • Dajaco employs over 100 people and encompasses six production and support facilities on Leona Drive. Our employees are knowledgeable and dedicated to serving our customer base.

Part Application

  • Body Exterior Products: Fuel Filler Clamps | Hood Release Retainers
  • Exterior/Interior Trim: Antenna Clips | Seat Products
  • Electrical/Safety: Brake Line Cables | Battery Cover Clips
  • Body-In-White: Head Lamp Clips | Fender Brackets | Trailer Tow Clips
  • Chemicals/Sealants: Floor Pan Plugs | Plenum & Weld Access Plugs | Accoustical Baffles
  • Interior Products: Headrest Clips & Plates
  • Chassis: Thrust Washers | Deflector Shields | Pinion Covers | Helical Can Assemblies
  • Engine/Power Train: Transmission Covers | Oil Filter Tubes