Dajaco designs and builds prototype tools in house with manufacturing intent in mind. We can provide a single part within a day or produce hundreds of pieces within a week. You will be impressed with our cost, quality, timing and service.

The Waterjet and Laser Machining Centers:

  • Provide precision parts quickly at a low cost.
  • Are ideal for short-run production tooling and prototype development.
  • Efficiently machine a wide range of materials and thicknesses with exceptional speed and accuracy.
  • Requires no tooling changes, nor complex fixtures, and reduces set-up times by at least 50%.


Waterjet Machining Centers

  • 50,000 PSI
  • Maximum Sheet Size is 100″ x 55″ x 8.5″ thick
  • The Waterjet can cut an assortment of materials such as:
    • Steel & Aluminum
    • Ceramic & Glass
    • Rubber
    • Marble




Laser Machining Centers

  • 1500 WATTS
  • Maximum Sheet Size is 48″ x 48″
  • The laser machine can cut the following materials:
    • Steel 3/8″ thick (max)
    • Stainless 3/16″ thick (max)
    • Aluminum 1/8″ thick (max)