• Dajaco can accommodate your stamping needs from short-run quantities to high production volumes.
  • Our press tonnage ranges from 5 to 400 tons. Depending on part size and complexity, we can produce up to 800 parts per minute.
  • The largest bed capacity is 4'x10' and we can fabricate a part up to 35" long, 1/4" thick.
  • We are capable of producing metal stampings out of various alloys, including stainless, aluminum, HR/CR, dual phase, copper and brass.

Progressive Stampings

A progressive stamping is a metalworking method that encompasses punching, coining, bending and various ways of forming raw material through a press. The feeding system pushes the strip of material, as it unrolls from the coil, through all the stations of a progressive stamping die. Each station performs one or more operations until a finished part is formed. When the press moves down, the die closes and performs the stamping operation. With each stroke of the press, a completed part is removed from the die.


A fourslide is a metalworking machine tool used to manufacture small stamped components from coil stock. A fourslide machine has the ability to complete all the operations to form the part from start to finish. The key of the machine is its moving slides have tools attached that strike the material to form it. Fourslides are a cost-effective process for large-volume runs and for small, complex stamped components. It is also an economical solution for short-run part production, particularly when tooling costs are considered.